Emily Rich Underhill Trophy

As a tribute to her mother Emily Rich Underhill, Nancy Underhill Meade, donated a trophy won by Emily Rich Underhill in with the request that it become a perpetual trophy dedicated to honor a female sailor for her love of sailing, her dedication and enthusiasm promoting the continuance of tradition, sailing and racing at the club, and for honorably representing Bellport Bay Yacht Club as a skipper or crew. In 2007 the Officers and Trustees of the club accepted the trophy, engaged Charlie Flagg to build a base for plates, and decided to honor Nancy as its first recipient as the image of the enthusiastic and elderly Nancy Meade clambering atop the club roof to watch a huge Optimist event remained indelible in the minds of the officers and trustees. For the first time in her long life, Nancy was speechless as she accepted the award!

2021    Christine Ettorre

2013     Irene Baumfalk

2010     Ginny Everitt

2009     Lenny Baer Pearson

2008     MaryAnn S. Deering

2007     Nancy Underhill Meade