Special Announcement Regarding COVID-19 and Village Dock Project

JUNE 2, 2020 - We hope all is well in the community. We look forward to welcoming everyone back into the club at some point this Summer.  The website will have updated information and the Calendar will be updated accordingly.  We apologize for any late communication but we've been doing a lot of work behind the scene regarding the dock project which we were told will be completed by "mid-June."

Once the Dock Project is done, we plan on getting our evening and weekend racing programs underway shortly.  The Coast Guard has given guidance that PHRF Racing with 3 people is fine in this current environment.  You and your crew race at your own risk, however we ask everyone to use common sense when putting together a crew.  The NORs have been posted, but the dates are tentative, we will announce when we are ready to go.

For the time being, we are suspending social activity's until we are given clearance by NYS.  We will give guidance regarding work parties and opening the club, however we will not have an open work party.

The sailing program is running this summer in a limited capacity, for more information on that please contact them through the emails listed on their website.


The Bellport Bay Yacht Club has been in existence since 1906. The mission of the club is to run numerous social and sailing events. The opportunity for children and adults to learn to sail and to race is offered through lessons at the club in conjunction with the Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation.

Numerous social events are held commencing with the annual Spring Commissioning Party at the club house and continuing throughout the summer and fall at the club house as well as at the homes of members. An in the water annual “Flat's Party” is organized to the west of Ho Hum beach.

Varied racing events and other water events are held by the club. Racing for PHRF boats includes a Thursday Evening Spring and Summer Series, a Saturday Fall Series, and a PHRF Lite series on alternate Sundays. Wednesday evening spectators on the club porch have the perfect view of their children racing Optimists and 420s in the “Brightlights” and “Sundowner” Series. The club often hosts major regional and national one design events. Sailing for fun includes both a Spring and a Fall Cruise to destinations away from the club.

Bring your dinner with you and enjoy the cooling sea breeze on the bay!


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