“Billie” Everitt Trophy

The Everitt Bowl is awarded each season to an outstanding junior sailor in the Bellport Bay Yacht Club summer series. To separate junior sailors from the PHRF boats that dominated competition in the Monday and Thursday evening series, a Wednesday evening series for juniors was added to the club schedule in 1996. John Everitt donated the trophy in memory of his mother, Eleanor Cromwell Field Everitt, nicknamed “Billie” to commemorate the special role that mothers play in support of their children who race. As a teen, “Billie” competed in club races. After marriage to Ted Everitt, she supported him and their two children in all their racing activity. John’s mother won a parent’s race, and she and Ted swept the series in the Beatle Cat that young John complained was slow when he sailed!

2021    Anders Johnsen

2020    Anders Johnsen

2019    Mairead Reitzel

2018    Izadora Meares

2017    Violet Gordon

2016    Violet Gordon

2015    Owen Himsworth

2014    Caroline Callender

2013    Charlotte Callender

2012    Finn Rauch

2011    Kai Rauch

2010    J. C. Hermus

2009    J. C. Hermus

2008    Liza O’Connor

2007    Liza O’Connor

2006    Liza O’Connor

2005    Jack Hanly

2004    Andy Monzón

2003    David C. Hatzopoulos

2002    Zachary O'Brien

2001    Not raced for

2000    Keisha Pearson

1999    Eric J. Everitt

1998    Eric J. Everitt

1997    Zach Motl

1996    Eric J. Everitt