The Datri Family Sailing Grant

Background to the Grant

The Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation was given a generous donation by James Edmund Datri in honor of his family’s longtime commitment both to the Bellport Bay Yacht Club and to the sailing community of the Great South Bay. The grant supports the development of competitive young sailors affiliated with our program.

Grant funds are limited. As a result, the grants should be viewed as partial support to attend high level sailing events. We expect that most requests will be for support to attend regattas but will also consider national team practices.


The grants are available to sailors who are currently or who were formerly affiliated with the Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation programs. Sailors 23 and under may apply. These grants are designed to support sailors who sail in high level competition off the Great South Bay in regional, national and international competitions.

What the Grant May Cover

The grants are intended to support the expenses of attending regattas. Typical expenses include entrance fees, transportation, coaching fees and so on. Applicants are asked to provide an estimate of expenses to be incurred.


Please complete the application form to the right. Rename the file with your name and save it. Send the completed application to Vice Commodore.

The application is short and to the point.  Do not feel that you have to write a lot. If we have questions, we will get in touch with you.


The application deadline is OCTOBER 17th. The grant currently receiving applications will be awarded at the Fall Awards Dinner.


Past Recipients


  • Fall --
  • Spring --


  • Fall -- Howie Meyers and Eva Leggett
  • Spring -- Eileen Mehrkens


  • Fall -- JC Hermus and Laura Slovensky
  • Spring -- JC Hermus and Laura Slovensky


  • Spring -- Sarah Hermus and Howie Meyers


  • Fall -- JC Hermus and Laura Slovensky
  • Spring --JC Hermus